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Himalayan Jade Gift Set

Cultivate physical and spiritual rejuvenation with the help of our purifying and healing Himalayan Jade gift set.


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Limited Edition Himalayan Jade Gift Set

Here's what's included

  • Giant Himalayan Jade Polished Chunk ($120.00 value)
  • 8oz Boxed Glass – Healed Wellness Candle® ($27.95 value).
  • 4oz Gold Travel Tin – Healed Wellness Candle® ($14.95 value).
  • "Healing Light" matchbox.
  • Eco suede drawstring bag.
  • $160+ total value!

This gift set includes both sizes of our Healed Wellness Candle® – a rich and comforting cardamom aromatic blend that cultivates physical and spiritual rejuvenation. Also included is a very rare, Giant Himalayan Jade Polished Chunk (each stone weighing well over one pound). It's taken us a long time to source Jade of this quality and size – quantities are extremely limited. Jade is an extremely purifying stone that brings good luck to the user and encourages healthy relationships. It is a great stone for inner peace, connecting to nature, and developing on a personal level.

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Himalayan Jade Gift Set reviews

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“The Himalayan Jade is an Absolute Stunning piece to have or add to your collection!! And the Candles, WoW!!! Jade is now equal to my favorite which has been the Citrine!! Don’t hesitate, order it and fall in Love!!”
Sandra G. on Aug 17, 2021

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