• 10 Intentions Tumbled Stone Set

    Gift Set
    This set includes 10 tumbled stones representing the 10 intentions featured in our Wellness Candle®…
    Learn More $34.95
  • Amethyst Palm Stone Gift Set

    Gift Set
    Soothe and relax your body and mind with this protective and high vibration Amethyst Palm…
    Learn More $79.95
  • Carnelian Heart Gift Set

    Crystals & Sets
    Give the gift of confidence, creativity and vitality with our absolutely stunning Carnelian Heart Gift…
    Learn More $79.95
  • Rainbow Moonstone Sphere Gift Set

    Crystals & Sets
    Give the gift of clarity, inner peace and harmony with our absolutely stunning Rainbow Moonstone…
    Learn More $89.95
  • Rose Quartz Palm Stone Gift Set

    Crystals & Sets
    Give the gift of love, renewal and positivity with our absolutely stunning Rose Quartz Palm…
    Learn More $69.95
  • Himalayan Jade Gift Set

    Gift Set
    Cultivate physical and spiritual rejuvenation with the help of our purifying and healing Himalayan Jade…
    Learn More $104.95

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