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Rainbow Moonstone Sphere Gift Set

Give the gift of clarity, inner peace and harmony with our absolutely stunning Rainbow Moonstone Sphere Gift Set. Limited quantities.


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Rainbow Moonstone Sphere Gift Set

Here's what's included

  • 3 inch+ High Grade Rainbow Moonstone Sphere ($85.00 value).
  • 8oz Boxed Glass – Cleansed Wellness Candle® ($31.95 value).
  • 4oz Gold Travel Tin – Cleansed Wellness Candle® ($16.95 value).
  • "Healing Light" matchbox.
  • Eco suede drawstring bag.
  • $135+ value

This gift set includes both sizes of our Cleansed Wellness Candle® which helps create a nourishing environment that brings clarity, balance and deep healing. The cleansing aromatic blend infused with moonstone will strengthen your spiritual connection and instill a new hope for dreams and future possibility.
Also included is a rare, extra large, 3 inch+ High Grade Rainbow Moonstone Sphere. Rainbow Moonstone provides inner peace and harmony. It cleanses the senses and the mind, aiding in centering and grounding yourself emotionally and spiritually. Rainbow Moonstone is filled with vitality and emanates joy and life force. It is a protection stone that deflects and purifies negative energy. It comes protected in a beautiful "eco suede" drawstring bag for safe storing.

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Comfort + Bliss
“What a beautiful and powerful stone! I sleep with mine every night. The candles are top notch as usual - Bee Lucia’s clean burning candles are magic!”
Nicole on Jul 03, 2022

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