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Carnelian Heart Gift Set

Give the gift of confidence, creativity and vitality with our absolutely stunning Carnelian Heart Gift Set. Limited quantities.


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Carnelian Heart Gift Set

Here's what's included

  • 3 inch+ High Grade Carnelian Heart ($85.00 value).
  • 8oz Boxed Glass – Awakened Wellness Candle® ($31.95 value).
  • 4oz Gold Travel Tin – Awakened Wellness Candle® ($16.95 value).
  • "Healing Light" matchbox.
  • Eco suede drawstring bag.
  • $135+ value

This gift set includes both sizes of our Awakened Wellness Candle® which helps create an energetic environment that invigorates and rejuvenates your senses! The uplifting aromatic blend infused with carnelian enhances positivity, awakens confidence, and leaves you with a feeling of renewed gratitude.

Also included is a rare, extra large, 3 inch+ High Grade Carnelian Heart. Carnelian is bursting with creativity and confidence. It is helpful for increasing energy and focus. Carnelian stimulates the mind and maintains personal power and vitality. Carnelian’s bright color radiates positive energy and life force. Carnelian embodies the strong energy of the Element of Fire. It is a powerful Sacral Chakra stone and is supportive during new beginnings and spiritual rebirth. It comes protected in a beautiful "eco suede" drawstring bag for safe storing.

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