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Amethyst Root Gift Set

Soothe and relax your body and mind with this protective and high vibration Amethyst Gift Set.


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Amethyst Root 'Relaxed' Gift Set

Here's what's included

  • Natural Amethyst Root Crystal Point (choose medium or large).
  • 8oz Boxed Glass – Relaxed Wellness Candle® ($27.95 value).
  • 4oz Gold Travel Tin – Relaxed Wellness Candle® ($14.95 value).
  • "Relaxed" Amethyst Crystal Intention Guide
  • "Healing Light" matchbox.
  • Eco suede drawstring bag.
  • $80+ total value!

This gift set includes both sizes of our Relaxed Wellness Candle® helps create a soothing environment that brings clarity and inner peace.
Available in 3 different Amethyst Root Point sizes: SMALL (2-3 inches), MEDIUM (3-4 inches) or LARGE (4-5 inches). These beautiful natural amethyst crystal points have enchanting deep purple hues. Soothe and relax your body and mind with this very protective and high vibration crystal. Enhance your spiritual awareness and rid yourself of darkness by allowing the powerful yet calming energy of amethyst to wipe away negativity, stress and anxiety. It comes protected in a beautiful "eco suede" drawstring bag for safe storing. Finally, we've included a beautiful "Relaxed" Amethyst Crystal Intention Card to help guide you through a mediative intention setting ceremony.

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Amethyst Root Gift Set reviews

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My favorite
“I absolutely love the Amethyst gift set. Smells really good!!”
Jackie Lorens on Jun 30, 2021
My sister loved the set!
“Gave this set to my sister for her birthday. Her birthstone is Amethyst :-) she loved it all so much she didn’t want to use the candle because it’s so pretty lol”
Holly O. on Jun 30, 2021
Great combo, quality, and aromas.
“My daughter turned 15 yesterday. This was one of her gifts and by far her favorite. Se was so happy to receive it. Great combo, quality, and aromas. Gracias!”
Cynthia Nambo on Mar 04, 2021
The perfect gift!
“Smells so good. Great gift. Thanks.”
Kelly on Dec 03, 2020

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